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I said WHAT?

vivdiva in hamsters

Why does my new Hamster stink?!?!?!

A sweet little fancy ham was abandoned in front of Petco and I adopted her. She has been with me a week. She is in her new home with clean litter and food - and she STINKS! Like poo!


I love a clean little hamster smell, what is causing this and how can I fix it?



Anyone who would just abandon her that way undoubtedly took really bad care of her, so she probably lived in a filthy cage and her fur picked up the stink. Hopefully it will fade with time and good care, but maybe ask your vet if you can use a dry pet shampoo on her (assuming she lets you handle her), or even comb corn starch through her fur to absorb some of the odor.
Brilliant! Thank you! I wonder if I can use pet wipes....? I am a dog groomer and we have those in the salon!
I really need a hammie icon. Anyway, I don't know, because what's in them may be too strong for such a tiny critter. But again, you could ask your vet.


Did some searching and found: http://www.kvsupply.com/natures-miracle-pet-wipes-70-count?CA_6C15C=320011160000047866

And: http://www.petkin.com/Small-Animal-Wipes-p/5380.htm These look especially good because they're purpose-made for the little guys.

You could compare the ingredients to what you have at work, though if there's any diifference (including in strength/percentage), I'd go with the specially made ones.
Sweet icon image!

I thought about this most of the day (because these are the things that preoccupy my mind) and decided to spray a washcloth with diluted apple cider vinegar and rub her with it. She loved it! She snuggled right in for a nap! I couldn't believe it! We are going to be great friends!!!

Unfortunately I had to put her back in her cage as she smelled so bad! Hopefully she will use the washcloth for bedding and that will act as a stink killer?
Awwww, I love that she's so sweet. And Im sure the stink will fade.

Glad you like my gerbil icon. That's Thing 1. His sister Thing 2 looks just like him, only smaller.

Hey where is everyone? Used to be TONS of posts in here. ????
Dunno. It was already quiet when I joined.

PS - I just ordered the small-pet wipes. Figured they'd be good to have around.
Good plan.

I miss it. It was lovely, the Belladonna died.....now here I am again.
Does she have a sand bath? They seem to love them and it might help her smell better. If it doesn't help in a couple weeks I would take her to the vet, especially if she seems to be somewhat sickly. :) she sound lovely though!
Yes! That sand bath seems to have resolved it! thanks!
You're welcome! My hamster loves the sand bath so I am glad it helped her and you!
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